Mobile data startup Zeotap raises €12M

Zeotap Zeotap, a startup that helps telecom companies sell their data to advertisers, announced today that it has raised €12 million in Series B funding (that’s just under $13 million). Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Projjol Banerjea told me that while there’s “decent data” available for online advertisers targeting desktop users, things are shakier on the mobile… Read More

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Alchemist Accelerator closes $2.5 million to back enterprise tech startups

IOTGlobe The Alchemist Accelerator has closed a $2.5 million fund for very early stage investments in tech startups serving large organizations in an era when robotics, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are fundamentally changing the way they operate. Limited partners in Alchemists’ second fund included Johnson Controls, Ericsson, and Analog Garage, a VC arm of Analog… Read More

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France creates a special visa for entrepreneurs, engineers and investors

screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-6-58-02-pm Just in time before the 2017 presidential election in France, the current French government wanted to announce one last thing to foster French startups. The French Tech Visa is a new program for foreign tech talent. It’s an easier way to get a four-year visa for you and your family. France’s Minister of State for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire teased some information about this… Read More

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Juro gets $750k to optimize sales contract workflow

Juro London-based startup Juro, which is applying machine learning to help businesses speed up authoring and management of their sales contracts, has closed a $750,000 (£615k) seed round, with investors including Point Nine Capital and Seedcamp. Read More

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Neurala closes $14M Series A to bring machine learning to the edge

neurala_autorecognition-08 Artificial intelligence is swiftly becoming a commodity thanks to the rise of AI-as-a-Service offerings from Amazon and IBM. Today, Neurala is joining this list thanks to a $14 million Series A led by Pelion Ventures. The team is looking to put AI in the hands of toy makers, drone enthusiasts and IoT engineers alike. Neurala’s real value-proposition is its ability to execute… Read More

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StorePower helps groceries deliver like Instacart without giving away the keys to the store

StorePower's app helps grocers run on-demand delivery services on their own. A startup called StorePower wants to take a bite out of the grocery delivery business by giving supermarkets an alternative to working with courier marketplaces like Instacart, Postmates, Amazon Fresh or Google Express. The company has raised an undisclosed amount of early-stage funding from Exigent Capital and individual angels, according to co-founder and CEO Richard Demb.… Read More

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A new lawsuit alleges anti-aging startup Elysium Health hasn’t paid its sole supplier

elysium health Chromadex, the sole supplier of anti-aging startup Elysium Health‘s two main product ingredients pterostilbene and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), is suing the startup for failure to make payments on those ingredients and for breach of a trademark and royalties agreement. According to a document on Chromadex’s website, dated December 29, 2016, Elysium “made… Read More

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London startup launches chatbot to help renters exercise their rights

robot-customer-service London-based startup RentersUnion has created what it’s hoping will be a socially useful chatbot, pitching their web-based bot as a robot replacement for (expensive) housing lawyers. Read More

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Qonto wants to become N26 for business banking

illustration-landing_qonto-flagship French startup Qonto has some ambitious goals and wants to become the best bank account you can get when you start a company in France. Just like N26 wants to be a more modern bank for everyone, Qonto wants to do the same thing, but for business accounts. The company recently raised $1.7 million (€1.6 million) from Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures and Alven Capital. Valar Ventures is also… Read More

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Fraugster, a startup that uses AI to detect payment fraud, raises $5M

fraugster-founders-max-and-chen Fraugster, a German and Israeli startup that has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help eliminate payment fraud, has raised $5 million in funding. Read More

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